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The National Guard Association of Maryland (NGAM) was organized in 1981 when it was recognized that Maryland was one of only a handful of states without its own representative organization. A group of concerned officers, after some study, created NGAM. The organization was designed to represent the interests of the Maryland National Guard, Army and Air. The organization was not founded to be a social club, but rather to represent our membership in the political arena. By virtue of its independent status as a non-profit organization, it was designed to serve as an advocate for the Maryland National Guard.


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Use the form below to schedule a unit insurance benefit briefing for your unit to allow your service members an opportunity to identify a beneficiary for their $1,000 life insurance benefit provided by NGAM. Optional coverage is available for service members and their dependents.

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The mission of the National Guard Association of Maryland is to promote the homeland of America by insuring the Maryland Army and Air National Guard has the necessary personnel, equipment, and infrastructure to carry out assigned missions.

Benefits for members of NGAM include life insurance, scholarship opportunities, and better communications to legislators and policy makers to ensure that your interests are being represented at state and national levels.



The Corporate Sponsorship program is designed to sustain and develop partnerships between the association, corporate members and the Army and Air National Guard. This helps industry better serve the Guard while assisting NGAM in executing its priorities. 

Benefits for corporate members can range based on the level of sponsorship.  Please click on the "Learn More" button at the top to read more about the benefits.

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