Benefits for members of NGAM include life insurance, scholarship opportunities, professional development experiences, and better communications to legislators and policy makers to ensure that your interests are being represented at state and national levels.

Membership Rates

Membership in NGAM and NGAUS provides access to state/national level events, and NGAUS voting rights. However, you do not need to be a member of NGAUS to join NGAM. But we would love for you to join both organizations because there is POWER IN NUMBERS. Our membership period runs 1 January through 31 December.

Dues Structure:

Colonel through Major General: $35/year

Major through Lieutenant Colonel: $25/year

2nd Lieutenant through Captain: $15/year

Chief Warrant Officer 4 & 5: $25/year

Chief Warrant Officer 1 through 3: $15/year

Life Active: $200

Life Retired: $50

Life Annual: $25/year

To sign-up or renew your membership with NGAUS, or to learn more, click on the NGAUS logo below.


NGAUS Dues Structure:

 Complimentary (Free Plan) $0

*Available to newly commission and assessed Guard Officers for one year only.

Company Grade (O1 - O3, WO1 - CW3): $40/year

Field Grade (O4 - O6, CW4 & CW5): $80/year

Flag Grade (O7 - O10): $130/yr